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Solange Berchemin is a London-based freelance online writer and photographer. She blogs for the Huffington Post, writes and edits the food pages for The Greenwich Visitor. Words and pictures in her articles are her own unless stipulated otherwise.

Living in London: a guide to expat life in London.  
Writers in Black & White (co-written with Alanna Lynott, photographs by Anne Mortensen)

As a freelance journalist, Solange's work has appeared in many publications such as:

France Magazine, BBC magazine, Great British Chefs, Wanderlust, Worldartmosphere, Chocolatier, The Sunday Times, The Toronto Star, The Metro
Prior to reporting Solange worked as a librarian which allows her to cover literature expertly. Her postgraduate diploma in computer art provided her with a scholarly knowledge of the art world. She spent a decade managing the languages department of one of the largest college in London which led her to be a trainee journalist with FENews.
She travelled in over 30 countries, places as remote as Mongolia, Yemen, Borneo. In her spare time, she writes her food blog: Pebble Soup.
She was shortlisted to blog on BBC food blog. Her recipes have been published in The Metro. She has just completed an assignment and is available for freelance work.

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